Nutrient neutrality affects further local authorities, as tender forecasts increase

Another 42 local authorities impacted by nutrient neutrality

A Written Ministerial Statement issued by the Environment Secretary George Eustice this week added 42 local authorities to the existing list of 32 which are required to achieve nutrient neutrality on their developments.

The statement announced legally binding targets for developers to protect and restore nature within designated wetland sites, adhering to Natural England obligations to achieve ‘nutrient neutrality’ through measures designed to eliminate the impact of nutrient pollution.

Rising energy costs to fuel tender price inflation in 2022

Mace is forecasting that tender prices will increase by 5.5% this year, following a record leap of 7.5% in 2021, driven by rising energy costs and the war in Ukraine.

Matt Fitzgerald, Commercial Director at Mace Cost Consultancy, said:

Once again, price rises are likely to be a major problem. Worryingly, US lumber prices, which had eased, have been rising again and global supply chain problems have barely eased.

Moreover, gas prices rose substantially in the second half of last year and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine temporarily pushed Brent Crude oil prices over the price of US$120 per barrel.

This will hurt energy-intensive products such as bricks, plasterboard and glass, and given transport is an important component in numerous products, oil having risen so substantially since the start of the year will lead to more widespread worries.


St Modwen eyes growth, as Redrow founder pledges support for Ukrainian refugees

This week St Modwen announced plans to combine their housebuilding arm with the strategic land side of the business, as they aim to double in size over the next five years.

Last year, St Modwen Homes delivered 1,187 new homes and is currently selling homes across 24 sites. The business said it was making “significant land acquisitions” to drive its growth strategy.

Meanwhile, Redrow founder Steve Morgan has pledged to pay for 1,000 Ukrainian refugees to settle in the UK, after criticising the Government for not doing enough.

Through his charitable organisation the Steve Morgan Foundation, Morgan said he will also pay for the accommodation for the refugees for six months – adding it is “impossible to put a figure on how much it will cost”.

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