House prices rise by over 10 per cent in twelve months

Rightmove report record house prices

Rightmove published their house price index for May this week, revealing that the average property value has grown by 10.2% over the past twelve months.

Reporting an average house price of £367,501, the property website declared that the average property has increased in value by £55,651 over the past two years, compared to a £6,218 rise in the two years before the pandemic.

Housing Minister pledges to tackle planning resource challenge

Housing Minister Stuart Andrew admitted this week that council planning departments are facing resource challenges, but promised to ‘free up planners to be planners’.

Speaking at a Building Garden Communities event this week, Andrew stated: “I recognise there are constraints and difficulties. It’s taking a ridiculous amount of time to develop a local plan. We want to make it simpler, so those can be done in 30 months rather than in years.”

The Government is also looking to increase planning fees by more than a third for major applications, and a quarter for minor applications.

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